Storage python API

from piperci.storeman.client import storage_client
from piperci.storeman.exceptions import StoremanError

StoreMan Client

class piperci.storeman.client.BaseStorageClient
abstract download_file()

Downloads a file to a given location. :param bucket_name: :param object_name: :param file_path: :return:

abstract gen_file_uri(bucket_name, object_name)

Generates the uploade url location for a given bucket and object_name :param bucket_name: :param object_name: :return:

abstract stat_file(bucket_name, prefix=None, recursive=False)

Return information on the specified files :param bucket_name: :param prefix: :param recursive: :return:

abstract upload_file(bucket_name, object_name, file_path)

Uploads a file to a given bucket with a given object_name :param bucket_name: :param object_name: :param file_path: :return:

piperci.storeman.client.storage_client(storage_type, **kwargs)

StoreMan Exceptions

exception piperci.storeman.exceptions.StoremanError