PiperCI Echo Function

Getting Started

It is recommended that you test and develop this function using the tox -e unittest tests which simulate an OpenFaaS environment.

To create a development OpenFaaS environment follow the PiperCI Installation Guide


tox -e lint,unittest

The scripts in tools/scripts manage installation of tooling needed to run tests and simulate a working OpenFaaS PiperCI environment so you can get down to the business of developing your function. As mentioned earlier use the entry point tox -e unittest for all your FaaS functions which will download and install the template and extract the components into a tox build environment and then run the tests.

You may also activate and use the tox virtualenv while developing your function source .tox/unittest/bin/activate

Testing Prerequisites


  • tox

  • bash

  • python3.7

  • pip

  • anything in function_name/requirements.txt

Deploying to OpenFaaS Manually

To deploy this function to OpenFaaS do the following after authentication:

git clone https://gitlab.com/dreamer-labs/piperci/piperci-echo-faas.git
cd piperci-echo-faas
faas-cli template pull https://gitlab.com/dreamer-labs/piperci/piperci-faas-templates
faas build
faas deploy

To validate that your function installed correctly you can run the following:

faas ls


Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting merge requests to us.



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